Terms and conditions of service

Physical or verbal abuse directed towards other customers, staff or the premises and all property within it will not be tolerated and will result in police involvement and legal prosecution.

Perlie Rides staff reserve the right to refuse service at any time. Perlie Rides staff work on and fix bicycles between the hours of 9:30am – 6:00pm.

Commissioned work must be paid for in full before collection. This in no way affects any other terms or conditions.

Bikes must be collected within 3 days of the initial delivery date if no work is to be undertaken. If work has been commissioned, bikes must be collected within 3 days of the repair completion date. If bikes are left beyond 3 days of the relevant date, a storage fee of £5 per day, plus £10 administrative fee will be charged. Perlie Rides is happy to accommodate reasonable extensions to this timescale in response to timely requests in writing.

Bikes left with us beyond 3 months of the repair completion date will be disposed of or sold to cover costs and expenses at the managements discretion with no liability for the recovery or compensation of the offending property. 28 days prior to this action, Perlie Rides will make all reasonable effort to contact the customer via the details provided by the customer at the time the bicycle or property was delivered into Perlie Rides care. Perlie Rides is happy to accommodate reasonable extensions to this timescale in response to timely requests in writing.

Perlie Rides aims to make every bike road worthy, adhering to the British Road Safety Standards. Customers who choose not to follow our full recommendations do so at their own personal risk.

Perlie Rides offers 30 days guarantee on labour as long as our recommendations are met. Guarantee is not extended to jobs where are full recommendations are not met.

Guarantee or warranty of labour or parts is not extended to jobs where parts have been supplied by customer.

Working with used and/or customer provided parts may incur additional reconditioning fees charged at our hourly rate on top of normal labour charges.

We promise to handle all bikes with utmost care and attention as well as attempt to anticipate and forcast and communicate all labour and parts costs prior to commencing commissioned work. Due to the unpredictable and physical nature of the maintenance process, Perlie Rides will not be held responsible for the disintegration or degradation of parts when worked on or extra costs incurred as a result of the mechanical repair process.

Perlie Rides will remedy any problem within the warranty detailed above but will not be held responsible for misuse, wear and tear or damage caused outside the premises.

Perlie Rides recommends that all customers adhere to the highway code, using lights, helmets and protective clothing when cycling.

Customers should note that the characteristics of a bikes handing and mechanics will differ after a service, regardless of recommended remedies being completed in full or not. Please take care to reacquaint yourself with your bicycle, particularly brakes, stopping distances and gear shifting.


Terms and Conditions of service definitions.

Recommendations =                      Minimum level of work required to achieve safe reliable, roadworthy condition.

Advice =                                            Anything less than recommendations.

Delivery date =                                Date that customer property is delivered into Perlie Rides’ custody.

Repair Completion Date =            Date that work commissioned by the customer is complete.

Mechanical process =                    Physical interaction with bicycle or parts. Everything associated with, actual, intellectual and hypothetical, the bicycle.

Commissioned work =                   Work requested and confirmed by the customer and Perlie Rides either face to face, or via phone conversation or email.