UPDATE: Shoot the messenger

Status: Released – Content >>>

Shoot the messenger was the cause of last weekends excitement in the shop. Robin and the crew descended on Perlie Rides last Sunday to film scenes for their up coming pilot. Due to screen sometime in the autumn, Shoot the messenger is a zombie, cycling themed story set in London. Shot in locations around Hackney the STM crew finally wrapped on Sunday evening at our shop. The Well street bike shop will be the fictional base of operations for the STM crew.

Although we can’t say much about the content or details of the production we can disclose that making movies is intensely fun. The Perlie Rides staff and STM crew had a great day drinking beer, practising lines and even fixing a bike or two! There were around 25 members of the crew so it felt like a hive of activity all day. The sun was out so when not shooting scenes in the gloomy workshop, everyone gravitated to the car park to eat drink and be merry. As STM is a bike themed story there were lots of two wheeled related conversations all afternoon. The Perlie Rides tricycle was a favourite as usual, the fascination of which was attempting to ride it on two wheels rather than three! It never gets boring.

It was amazing to see the shop space transform into a set so quickly. As mentioned previously, we can’t disclose the nature of the change but it was dramatic and slightly strange even! The product of our labour should be complete by Halloween due to the spooky theme of the story. Watch this space for early edits and we will link the final production to this page when it’s ripe!

While we are waiting for the polished end product, check out the official Face book page for pictures of the crew and stills of the video. Below I have attached a short video of the shop doused in dramatic lighting and a still of the boys repairing the camera platform / cargo bike!

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