Grilled Bear Puncture repair with mud, grass, water bottles and clothing.

grilled bear puncture repair

This is a very handy piece of knowledge to have. The idea is to replace the volume that is normally occupied by air in the tyre with something else. When you puncture the air escapes. If you stuff clothing, grass, mud or anything at you disposal into the tyre, you can soften the ride and protect your rim and tyre. It is not a great solution as there is no internal pressure keeping the tyre on the rim. This is potentially dangerous as well as destructive if the tyre rolls off the rim. This is likely if you require the wheel to take lateral forces. Front wheels are particularly exposed to lateral forces.

This bodge is great if you need to roll back home or the car. I used this trick in the alps one afternoon. It was getting late and I had just begun my descent when I suffered a puncture. I emptied my bag of ‘stuff’ and found my waterproof jacket, some food, and a couple of water bottles. I was able to get back to the car before the light fell. In the process I destroyed my jacket but saved my tyres and rim. Shoulda’ used more grass and mud!

As the above testimony illustrates, a grilled bear puncture repair with mud and clothing etc is not exactly ideal. If you are in a situation that requires you to keep moving then it’s a great ride saver. As well as your tyre pulling off the rim this technique can also lead to technical issues. Mud and detritus can harbour nails and other undesirables you don’t want in your rim. It will also make the inside of your tyre fairly unpleasant. The coverage is not always consistent which can leave your rim and tyre open to damage from rocks and uneven surfaces. If you do need to use this trick bear these things in mind and ride cautiously and accordingly.

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