Grilled Bear Bike Repair bodge jobs for emergencies. When things go wrong when you’re out and about on your bike it doesn’t always have to be the end of your day. Some problems like the ones listed below can be ‘bodged’ in the short term allowing you to limp home or even keep riding in some circumstances.  As a cautionary note, some of these solutions can cause irreparable damage to components or belongings and should only be used in emergencies. More details on side effects can be found under each heading.

Girl in red helmet repairing bicycle gears

(*) indicates that permanent damage could possibly or will definitely be caused by this short term remedy.

*Puncture repair with mud, grass, water bottles and clothing

Front derailleur mechanism quick fix with a twig when your gear cable snaps.

Rear gear mechanism repair with what’s left of your gear cable.

*Snapped a spoke, wheel wont spin because of rub. What to do?

Derailleur hanger snapped.

Tyre blown. fix with a rag wrapped around the tube.

*Utterly bent rim. Kick it strait with a curb stone.

Utterly dead component like dead brake calliper?

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