We just need to be a bit more considerate as custodians of our environment. Before I start, the intention of this post is not to vilify and rant against electric bike riders, dog owners and picnic makers. My intention is to raise awareness of our collective absent mindedness and inability to find a dust bin. I went for a short walk with my partner on bank holiday (earth day) Monday. We were out for no more than an hour but in that time I saw an number of things that made me question humanities role as custodians of our environment. We saw…

A dead but unmolested water vole, probably due to a dog off its lead in a sensitive ecological area.

kids dismantling logs (home to god knows what rare insects, hedgehogs etc) to throw into the lake in front of water outlet (which will block)

I witnessed a dog chase an exhausted deer in Epping while the owner with his family looked on. (a spectacle and beard wearing middle aged and middle classed gentleman) He told me not to worry as his dog would get tired soon. What about the deer I thought to myself. What happens in ten minutes when a fresh new dog finds this harassed and terrified animal?

Apocalyptic piles of crisp packets, drinks cans, bottles and other detritus strewn around our parks and woodlands.

A child in hysterical tears after putting her hand in one of many piles of dog poo left behind by the oblivious dogs’ owners.

Trees fallen over by paths because of the erosion around their roots. The issue has become more pronounced over the last five years in Epping. It is surely in part due to the increased footfall and tyre roll because of the rising popularity of the forest.

On top of all this and despite the issue being at the forefront of my attention I was also part of the problem. My girlfriend caught me absentmindedly flicking my cigarette butt onto the grass during our jaunt. None of us are perfect and I’m aware of my hypocrisy in writing this post. I guess it’s up to all of us to politely remind each other to use the bin and have courage to tell the kids not to whack the flowers or drop their litter. Hopefully next ‘World Earth day’ will be a little cleaner, greener and leaner in our consumption habits.