Bike Repairs Hackney. Repairs are tackled immediately when possible but otherwise, same day turnaround is typical for jobs delivered around midday. Our fully equipped workshop is staffed by qualified, approachable mechanics who will make every effort to provide a transparent and comprehensive service. On arrival we will assess the condition of your bike and formulate a service plan to suit your requirements. We always aim for the highest standards and quality of service in every aspect of our endeavors.
Our small but capable Hackney based bike shop is happy to provide everything from advice right up to dream custom bike builds. We pride ourselves on the efficiency and capability of our workshop to carry out any repairs your bicycle may need. Drop by anytime and we’ll be happy to check your bike over for no charge.

Bike repairs and sales in Hackney is our speciality! We are open from Monday to Saturday and we’re here to help keep you rolling.

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137 Well Street Hackney London E97LJ

Officially Perlie Rides began trading in 2005 but its origins stretch back further than that. The story begins in 1999 working on colleagues bikes in the underground car park of the Conde Naste offices in Mayfair. Adam Rider realised there was a need for bike repair services that didn’t fit the usual bike shop standard.

Having trained in his teens at the renowned Aylesbury cycle school, the London fields workshop as well as custom frame building cruisers and low riders at Bikefix in the Lambs Conduit St. basement, the skills were there and a vision was growing… Around the same time Adam was approached by the Crisis Skylight team in Shoreditch with an interest in developing a cycle maintenance workshop for its homeless members.

By the time Perlie Rides had a name and a home the foundations were already deep and established. Little known to most, but the Well Street shop is actually our fourth location. The first being Adams parents home near Victoria Park. From there the addition of a market stall in the recently regenerated Broadway market was the next logical step. At the time nothing like it had ever been seen. The stall was initially a curiosity within a curiosity with no clear purpose. Before long the market and our stall developed into a meeting place for like minded cyclists and foodies to chat and buy inner tubes and flat whites. In no time at all it was clear Adz mums place was not up to the job!

The third location was a small shed behind the Lauriston pub which incidentally was later adopted by Kiwi Cycles. We decided to move on because it was plagued by a leaky roof and the Well Street shop became available. Initially 137 Well Street was a big empty box. With the help of Adz Dads awesome carpentry skills we soon had a workbench to complement our ambitions!