Bike jacking in Epping forest has never really been a problem. Ominous signs indicate the possibly has increased. The popularity of the forest has been booming in recent years In particular with affluent riders and walkers touting expensive enduros, cyclocross bikes and cameras, the targets for criminals are plentiful and lucrative.

Whilst riding in the woods this weekend my friend and I had the misfortune of coming across two gangs of youths. They were riding multiple motorbikes illegally through the beautiful autumnal trees. We mercifully came away from the experience unscathed. The potential was there however for a far less pleasant day out than had been planned.

How can we avoid this possibility? Most commentators agree vigilance is key. There are telltale signs to look out for which seem to be classic. the primary warning is usually two people riding pillion on motorbikes or scooters. They often ride in packs, maybe two or three bikers together. Another common theme is riders without helmets or displaying any other dubious or unlawful behaviour. It goes without saying that motorised vehicles should not be in the forest or parks. If you see bikers or hear engines be wary.

Do your research, check out the link below and look for others. Stay alert, but if possible avoid a confrontation and call the authorities once you have got yourself out of trouble. Don’t loose your cool and do anything dangerous. The video below shows an attempted bike jacking. It then shows the victim racing away at a dangerous speed which could have been deadly to himself or others. Don’t make this mistake. Stay as calm as possible and if the worst comes to the worst it may be better to suffer a bike jacking in Epping forest than wrapping yourself round a tree in the attempt to escape.

Forest Keeper – 020 8532 1010